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December 1, 2017

Yesterday something special was in the air.

I’ve tried to explain it in words several times, but it never seems to fit what the air felt like yesterday.

Yesterday, upon waking it felt like Jesus was the air and he was there to say GOOD MORNING!

My skin felt different. I felt… different but the same. Almost like it was normal, but special normal. LOL.

The more I try to explain it, the weirder it sounds.

I jumped in my friends car and she mentions how she feels something special in the air, and she knew it was a special day. Now this got me really excited because this means I won’t be the weirdo on the block talking about how she feels Jesus on her skin. Ha!

Funny thing is as we both spoke about it, we both specifically called this special feeling “Jesus.” That stood out to me. Usually words like “his presence” or “Holy Spirit” would be used. And Ye Vette Derene LOOOOOVES some Holy Spirit. We are tight-tight. LOL. But this day I specifically knew it was Jesus. Almost like he came down and expanded in whatever space I was in.

As the day went on I learned MANY people all over felt this presence! I am really excited about what God is doing in the earth. There has been such a sincere cry for GLORY in the past few years and I believe God is answering. He’s making us aware of his glory that is all around us. I look forward to the day that our awareness of his glory remains awakened 24/7. No more “visitations.”  I want remaining glory.

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