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Hit it! #faxfromheaven

I have heard each of these instructions in my spirit. Now I know I ain’t crazy, but when I get fun, but serious instructions from God in this way I always appreciate when He sends prophetic voices of confirmation to me.

This week I was in floored when I got a voice note from a Prophet saying, God said “Hit it in prayer... like a piñata!” 😩🙌🏽🤣

The same day... within minutes, another Prophet inboxed me saying she felt she was in the nesting phase of pregnancy and she was beginning to feel a crowning taking place. Of course yaw know I responded with burst the amniotic sac in prayer! 😂

God is speaking. Lately I've been getting instructions from the Lord to have fun, enjoy the family, laugh with friends, LIVE.

BUT IN PRAYER, God is revving us up. He is adding fuel to our prayer fire. In prayer he wants us to possess land, subdue territories, and take dominion! I can feel the nudge to be more aggressive in prayer. Not in a huffin' and puffin' type of way. In a KEEP SWINGING THAT PRAYER BAT kinda way. In a DON'T GET TIRED, KEEP STRIKING THE GROUND kinda way.

This is a time we must be relentless in prayer. There are times when we are to pray, and let go. This is not one of those times. There is a whole war going on for OUR TERRITORIES!

You know what territories belong to you! Do not stop striking the ground! HIT IT! Do not stop beating the crap out that pinata! The goods must be released to you in the name of Jesus! Don't stop pressing in prayer until that amniotic sac bursts! God told you this year was your birthing year. He is no liar! Don't stop reminding the Lord that he promised this year the abundance of rain would fall, the levees would break, the tsunami of blessing would flow in, etc. That huge water balloon of stored up and even backed up blessings must POP in Jesus' name!

Don't be weary! The enemy cannot have what belongs to you! Don't hand it over to him because you're tired. Set alarms on your cell phone to remind you to go into prayer and STRIKE THE GROUND!

God and angel armies ARE fighting on our behalf!!!!! We have already won!

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