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"Take them with you."
- Abba

"Take them with you," is what I heard Abba say when I launched BE•come in 2022. 

And here we are, in 2023!!!! (Insert a hallelujah here!)

I'm still following that very simple instruction.

Following Dad's instruction yields results I could never, ever create on my own.


Over the next year I will be bringing my mentees with me into a very special, but necessary work I call "Get Dressed." And ladies, I've been doing the work over here. Okay?!

To say I've been enjoying my time in the dressing room is an understatement. 

It feels SO GOOD to be clear and in alignment. I'm totally becoming the 3.0 version of myself.


If you know me, then you know I'm HYPED about imparting allllllllllllll I've been doing in my own life into you! God's daughter. The apple of His eye.

Know that you are precious to Him and honored by me.

If you desire to be transformed... and live a life with more peace, beauty, love, flow, growth, clarity, and community, I invite you to join this membership. 

It's going to be good!

 - Ye Vette Derene

BE·come w/Ye Vette Derene

A monthly membership for daughters of God who value personal development, fun, beauty, femininity, and community.

• Sunday Evening Mentorship (1x/mo.)

• Group Discussions (1x/mo.) 

• And More! (Virtual Pop-ups, virtual co-working spaces, and oh yes... first dibs on upcoming Hug Social!!! Can somebody say good times?!)


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