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Have you ever heard of FOMO?

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out?

Well, we know fear is from the enemy, and I believe FOMO is a weapon that has been formed against women to steal, kill and destroy the spirit of power, love and a sound mind in us.


Everywhere you turn, there's a message attempting to convince women that they need to be more, have more, get more, and become more.


Now, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with desiring more. I actually encourage it. I personally desire the BEST of what God has to offer in the earth and in me. However, there is a line often crossed that leads to a place of force, consistent pushing, burn out, depression, anxiety, anger and what seems like 24/7 discontentment.  This place is void of peace, flow, beauty, giving, receiving, love, power, and yes, even at times a sound mind. 


This isn't in alignment with God's desire for us. 

This is the work of the devil.

And ladies, I'm here to destroy the works of the devil. 

BE·come w/Ye Vette Derene

A monthly mentoring membership for women of faith desiring femininity, fun, community and her father, God.

Join me on this journey of smelling the roses of everyday life as a daughter of God!

• Sunday Meet-Up (1x/mo.)

• Fun Discussion (1x/mo.) 

• And More! (Virtual Pop-ups, virtual co-working spaces, and maaaaaaybe a future gathering is in the works. Hmmmm. Good times.)

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