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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know which session to choose? Confidant Session or Life Coaching Session?  

If you want a space to safely...

- land your thoughts, feelings and stories 

- sort out traffic jams in your brain 

- ask advice

- pick my brain 

- set goals

- work towards goals w/accountability

... then you want a CONFIDANT SESSION.


If you want a space to safely...

 - get clear on goals

- set goals

- work toward goals w/weekly accountability 

... without any advice being given, you want a LIFE COACHING SESSION.

What is the difference between COUNSELING and LIFE COACHING?

To be honest, both are very similar. Both will listen attentively, and ask questions to direct the conversation. Neither will give you advice. (Or should I say, neither SHOULD by industry standards give you advice). 


The difference is counsellings sessions focus on dealing with your emotions and issues from the PAST and how it is affecting your NOW. 


Life coaching sessions aren't focused on the past. They are FUTURE focused! Coaching relationships are set up to achieve goals, which creates progression in life and ultimately causes the client to achieve greater happiness.

Where do sessions take place? 

Sessions typically take place in 2 ways:

Over the phone or via voice notes.

Both are convenient and come with their own benefits!


Phone - You can ask questions and get answers in real time. 


Voice Notes - You can "talk to me" anytime! 3am, 11pm, literally anytime. Just pick up your phone, record a message, and email. I respond within 24 hours. I have used this method the longest, and I find that people benefit greatly from being able to release their thoughts, emotions, ideas, questions, etc in REAL TIME, instead of having to recall it later during a scheduled session. 

I want to send you a present! Where do I send it to?

As of now, I'm not receiving any more tangible gifts. (Insert a womp-womp here). 

Only monetary gifts are being accepted at this time.

Btw, I looooooooOOOOOOVVVVE gifts! As soon as I have a larger space to fit all my wonderful gifts in, I'll post the address!


If you'd like to send a monetary gift, please send to:



and in the notes, tell me what you wanted to gift me! I'd still love to know! 

(And if it's small like jewelry, I'll go buy it! Ha!) Xoxo

Heading How long do sessions last?

Sessions last 1 hour, and can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I'm here to provide "life support," so whatever fits best in your life and aligns with the timing you'd like to get things complete is what we will do!

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