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Like literally everything that looked like a weakness...


Like literally everything that looked like a weakness about my personality, character and thought processes, He happily used to impact others.


​Now overall, I was cool with "the weaknesses" because I couldn't be anyone else but myself. I just never imagined those things would be used in a world that screamed everything opposite of me was "the way to success." 

Oh but, "there is a way which seemeth right unto man, but ... " Well, you can read the rest of that in Prov. 14:12

God has smiled on me. His word has literally been a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

​Today I provide support to the everyday, extraordinary, soft, strong and courageous woman who is rising in her thinking and influence. I do this via coaching, group mentorship, live videos, events, teaching, and most importantly... by example.


Can I say, I looooooove what I do! It's amazing what happens after you surrender. Oh, and it turns out those "weaknesses" were actually my divinely given SUPERPOWERS.

Ye Vette Derene is a 6 year certified life coach, founder of Glitter Follows Her®,

Her Surrendered Life™ Conference, the unique preparatory course, Get Dressed™, and the best mentoring membership ever, BE•come™.

"God took everything I thought needed "fixing"
about me and used it."
- YeVette Derene
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