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Her Surrendered Life 2022

December 9th - 10th

Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley Airport

Windsor Locks (Hartford), CT

In 2017 God told me to...

In 2017 God told me to create a space for his daughters to surrender all before the New Year. From that instruction, the Her Surrendered Life conference was born. Since then, we've gathered a total of 4 times and all were POWERFUL!


This year will be powerful again.

Her Surrendered Life (HSL) is a 2 day faith-based space created for leaders and emerging influencers to surrender, receive impartation, and be reignited to further impact the world around them. 


FRIDAY 12/9 & SATURDAY 12/10



Doors open @ 11AM




Doors open @ 6PM


Hotel Information

Sheraton Hartford Hotel at

Bradley International Airport

1 Bradley International Airport Windsor Locks, CT 

(860) 688-7500



After Her Surrendered Life, God has been showing who I am like never before. Creative, prophetic expression is starting to spring forth from inside of me. I can’t stop praying and interceding even if I tried. I’m not afraid to make bold decrees in the spirit and natural. I’m becoming more obedient to the voice of God… and less fearful to operate in the spirit of excellence because of other people’s opinions. I can’t wait for next year!!!


Her Surrendered Life!!!!!!!! I have never experienced the presence of God at that level! At one point it felt as if the building shook! I could literally feel the sweet presence of God and at the same time the POWER of Almighty God!!! I came for a Renaissance and I left REVIVED and RECHARGED for Jesus! Just to be in a room where literally everybody got delivered and set free!!! That was amazing! Just to lay out before the Lord was so intimate and cleansing. While on my face I felt God’s embrace. I felt peace like never before. Before attending HSL I didn’t know exactly what I needed deliverance from. I knew that I was dealing with some things that had me a little shaken and weak spiritually but my heart was open and ready to surrender repent and receive! And that is exactly what took place! Complete surrender, genuine repentance, and in return I received power! Thank you Jesus!


It's the unspeakable joy for me! One of my many Her Surrendered Life (HSL) testimonies! I was so weighed down with stress and anxiety. I felt like I lost myself and God exchanged that with joy I can't even explain! Thank you Jesus!


Her Surrendered Life (HSL) was A..MAZING!!! The Glory filled that place and sat on us. I went in expecting a move of God and to feel His presence, oh and He moved. Deliverance took place within me, something lifted. I felt refreshed, restored, and full of strength. You can't just attend HSL once, that one time will have you wanting to attend every HSL from that day forth. The freeness that you feel when you go all the way in is. HSL is an experience that you don't want to miss. 
Also, the Glitterati team was the best

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