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"God took everything I thought needed fixing, and used it...."

"Transformation doesn't come by information alone. It comes by decision making and implementation. The mind must be renewed. It's what we do over and over and over and over again that creates change. If we desire things to change in our lives, there's a work that must be done."

Get Dressed was a huge investment in myself and I'm glad that I did it. Those six weeks pushed and stretched me outside of my comfort zone/my normal(planet introvert ). It helped me start my day confidently and peacefully. The steps given helped me during mental and emotional warfare. You told us that God moves in movement and those six weeks lit a fire in me that helped me to be bold and courageous when re-registering for college(during a whole pandemic ) and will help me excel greatly in all of my future endeavors. - Shaniece P. 


I don't believe in coincidences.

We met for a reason.

Until we have our big "aha..."


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