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Meet Ye Vette Derene...

"God took everything I thought needed fixing and used it...."

"Transformation doesn't come by information alone. It comes by decision making and implementation. It's what we do over and over and over and over again that creates change."

Ye Vette Derene

 "I have had the privilege of a few personal sessions with Ye Vette Derene and I only wish I had started sooner. Over time my eyes were opened to areas that I was still hurting and overcoming through simple questions and conversations. She truly helped me see that I can and MUST take a stance to protect my ear gates, eye gates and heart gate. Her unique and authentic approach allows the receiver to also be real and embrace their differences as positives and not negatives. All of us are uniquely and wonderfully made for a purpose and I embraced that there is more for myself.  I would encourage others who need an un-bias and private session to take a bold step towards better and increase, by receiving wise counsel from her."
 - Steph L.


I don't believe in coincidences.

We met for a reason.

Until we have our big "aha..."


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