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Lord, what do I do with the wealth coming to me?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Ask the Lord this question: Lord, what do you want me to do with the wealth that is coming to me?

And specifically ask God as Lord.

Not God as friend, father or creator.

Grab your notebook or journal and write down what he says. It’s important that you have this as a reference when the wealth comes.

There is a reason why Holy Spirit specifically said LORD. There is a posture we immediately get into when we seek an answer from the Lord. That posture is humility. We remember that we aren’t the highest authority in our lives. We remember our surrender and we remember our allegiance to God’s Kingdom. There’s something so freeing about confessing Jesus is Lord over our lives, right? Knowing God is lording over us takes the pressure of perfection off. It’s not by our might or power... ever.

When you ask the Lord this question today, remember you’re under His rule and government. Don’t tie your soul with the state of our nation and the world. Pray about it from your heavenly place next to Christ. No matter how it looks for the governments of this world, the government of the Kingdom is incorruptible, flourishing, and recession proof. Our Lord has a flawless track record in economics, and He still has much work to be done.

Once you write down what He says, visit it often. Align yourself with it. Pray over it. Thank Him for the opportunity to be His personal financier. Wow. His personal financier.

Isn’t that special?

Oh, to be trusted by the Lord ♥️

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