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2 phrases I've incorporated into my prayers...

Did you check out the last post on Holy Aggression? If you missed it, go back and check it out.

As promised, here's the 2nd word I've incorporated into my prayers:

2. Holy Adrenaline

I heard this phrase from the one and only Sophia Ruffin a few weeks back and it gut punched me. In a good way :)

I immediately received it and began incorporating it into my prayers daily.

Now when I first began praying for holy adrenaline (which basically means adrenaline of God/from God; adrenaline consecrated for God) I was simply thinking a burst of energy to get these here divine assignments done, lol.

But when I began looking up adrenaline, I came across a description that leaped out. Surprisingly it was from Urban Dictionary. says Adrenaline is useful for fights, as when you have an adrenaline rush you hardly feel punches and your blows will hit much harder.

Did you read that???

Adrenaline is useful in FIGHTS... and when we experience a rush of adrenaline we hardly feel punches AND our blows will land on our opponent much harder.

Now I don't know about you, but when fighting in the spirit I could use not only Holy Aggression, but a Holy Adrenaline rush!

Fighting or warring in the spirit looks different for many. I'll share how it has been looking for me over the past year and change in the next post.

How does warring in the spirit look in your life? Inbox me!

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