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2 phrases I've incorporated into my prayers...

I want to share with you two phrases I've incorporated into my prayers. I think they are important and both put a greater demand on Holy Spirit dwelling inside us.

1. Holy Aggression

When the Disciples were filled with Holy Spirit, they went from being semi-punks (once Jesus left) to BOLD, CONFIDENT, GO-GETTERS. They were focused and driven by Lord's Spirit. They were unstoppable.

Are there things in your life that you need to accomplish but you feel no "fight" in you? Do you feel like you need an injection of: confidence, boldness, assertion, assertiveness, determination, forcefulness, vigor, energy, dynamism, zeal ??

Those are all synonyms of Aggression :)

Couldn't we all use some HOLY aggression? An energy, vigor, determination and boldness that is in a class of its own. Holy. Set apart. Nothing of this world. Straight from heaven.

I dare you to begin asking for holy aggression in your prayers. God needs you to WAKE UP. Your spouse needs you to wake up. Your children need you to be present. Your co-workers, extended family, church family, friends... shucks, the stranger at the grocery store needs you to be ALIVE, ENERGIZED and full of VIGOR.

You need you.

I'll tell you about #2 soon. For now, start praying and approaching things in faith with boldness and assertion.

XO&Glitter Always,

Ye Vette Derene

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