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Get Dressed is...

a unique preparatory course for women who want to show up clear and confident for any opportunity.

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How do you want to show up when THAT happens?

You know...

THAT phone call comes in. 

THAT door opens. 

THAT opportunity presents itself. 


I want you to really think about this question. How do you want to show up? How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? How do you want to sound? 


You’ve dreamed it.

You’ve talked about it. 

You’ve prayed for it. 


Now it’s time to GET DRESSED. 

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In the dressing room you will learn

How to out on foundational

pieces that are essential to have

before THAT opportunity comes.

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You will leave the 

dressing room with...

Simple action steps to forever be clear, confident, and spotlight ready!


Kaleena R.

Get Dressed Round 1... Get Dressed Round 3...indescribable! The assignments, my notes, Heavenly downloads, and revelatory aha moments prompted by your dynamic instruction, and wisdom have…had me stuck on those two pages for two days now. Flipping through the pages is overwhelming—in a very, VERY good way. Eternally grateful for the 

U N L O C K I N G !

Shaniece P.


Get Dressed was a huge investment in myself and I'm glad that I did it. Those six weeks pushed and stretched me outside of my comfort zone/my normal(planet introvert ). It helped me start my day confidently and peacefully. The steps given helped me during mental and emotional warfare. You told us that God moves in movement and those six weeks lit a fire in me that helped me to be bold and courageous when re-registering for college and launching my in-home bakery Tasty November. This happened during a whole pandemic!

D’Naia B. 


Get Dressed was so life changing for me! Where do I begin?…To make a long story short I didn’t believe in myself anymore and was not living to my full potential. I prayed for God to open doors but to be honest if He opened them I wouldn’t have been ready. After investing in Get Dressed with Ye Vette not only did the phone ring and God opened many doors I WAS DRESSED AND READY. These classes were the preparation I needed and I walked away with many tools to STAY READY! 

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