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Warring in the Spirit.

Over the past 2 years I've gotten hands on training on how to war in the spirit by BEing.

At first it was difficult. BEing requires us to operate in the fullness of all the good God put on the inside. Sounds simple enough, right? And it IS simple. It's just not EASY at first.

BEing is a very powerful weapon. It requires a revelation of and a firm stance on the word of God concerning who you are and what you are entitled to as a child of God.

Once you receive revelation of who you are, you cannot go back. I mean you can try, but you'll always be uncomfortable because you know what you know. Best thing to do is make a decision to be what God says and not deviate from it. That's where the the "firm stance" comes in. And that is how I've been actively warring in the spirit.

Standing firm in your identity on the word of God is one of the most powerful ways to war in the spirit.

All types of things will come for you:




People's opinions

BUT KNOW that if you stand firm in what GOD has said concerning you and over you, you will SEE the salvation of the Lord! You see, warring aka fighting in the spirit isn't always marching around, huffing and puffing, sweating and consistently trying to nail down the perfectly constructed sentences in prayer to win the battle.

Sometimes it's just a FIRM STANCE.

There are times when one has to physically and emotionally get aggressive. Shucks, just a few weeks ago I threw out everything in my house! LOL! I had to make a STATEMENT!

But I tell ya, a firm, unshakable, unmovable stance will cause you to win every time!

ACTION STEP: Write down eeeeeeeeeverything God said concerning you and read it out loud every single day. Then BE that! Stand on that. (And no worries if you're not doing a perfect job at first. This isn't a pass/fail type of test. This is practice! This is building muscle time! Do it every day and in a few weeks... let me know what differences you notice).

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