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Sooo... this is what God was singing over me 🙃

Hey Glitter Friends! There are 6 months left of 2019! Can you believe that?!

For those of us who also ride the Hebrew Calendar wave, there are only 2 months and change left of the year 5779.

One word: WOW.

Last week I asked God what was He singing over me in this year. I wanted to align my prayers, confession, thoughts and actions with that song. Later that day I went on YouTube to play music and a video popped up. I heard very clearly a whisper say, "This is the song I'm singing over you."

The video was entitled A Golden Year.

Isn't that SO.... sigh. No words.

Anyhooooooo... as promised, I sharing this video with you! Comment and let me know your thoughts. (Ya may want to grab your journal. It's meaty!)

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