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Ruffled Feathers

A friend was telling me this morning about an encounter she had with an owl yesterday. She and a coworker visited a museum and one by one people went to view this owl. As each person approached the cage, the owl just sat. He didn’t budge... until... my friend walked up. All of a sudden the owl spread its wings wide and put its head down to its feet. She immediately backed up and felt a sense of intimidation. She felt the owl was ready to fight her. She did nothing but walk up to the cage like everyone else.

Of course me being the woman I am, I immediately went to google to find out about this owl's response to her presence. I eventually found an article that explained what she described and something leaped out at me. In the article it said when an owl feels a threat, it will ruffle its feathers to increase apparent size.

Does your influence ruffle people’s feathers when you walk in a room?

Listen here!!! Being anointed to influence is great! You’re a full time employee for Christ! You have unlimited benefits! Never need sick time because he’s the great physician. There’s available unlimited vacation time IF you believe the blessing given to you makes you rich and adds NO toil. (Ok...that’s for another post, lol.)

BUT there are things that come with knowing who you are, who’s you are, and what your glitter is! People can spot a confident woman a mile away! When you walk in a room, the light comes with you! Those who are dealing with rejection, abandonment, low self esteem, hatred, anger, intimidation, low self worth, and a host of other things usually will respond negatively to your mere presence. You stepping in a room in full confidence may make others began ruffling their feathers to look as though they are larger than who they really are. And that's OK!

As a called influencer for God, you must know what comes with the call and how to keep your stance as a victorious leader at all times. My friend backed up and immediately felt intimidated. I probably would have too! I mean it's not everyday you go toe to toe with an owl! But when it comes to standing firm in your glitter, it takes a confidence in Christ that you are equipped, supported and empowered by Holy Spirit to BE. No backing up. No shrinking. Get firm in the stance and stay there. The world needs you... even as an example of how to stand in the face of opposition.

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