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Making Moves In Rest (con't)

Before we jump in and chit-chat about rest, I need to let everyone know IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! Yay June!!! It's also the birth month of Glitter Follows Her! She will be 2. Sniff. Sniff. How time flies. She's a toddler and growing. More on all that at a later time.

Let's talk REST.

If you're not sure what "rest in Him" means, I got you! I'm still learning and actively practicing rest. I am by no means a guru or master on this topic, but I'll tell you this... the little revelation I have received on this topic has been LIFE GIVING!!!

When you "rest in God," you are still actively moving and planning... serving and building... but there is no strive or stress. Why? Because God is in charge of the HOW. When I think back, most of my strive and stress came from me being unsure of the outcome. I didn't know if I was doing enough. I didn't know if I had what it took to hit the mark perfectly on my goals. It was a lot of pressure on ME. Once I realized that the HOW in connection to a successful outcome was not my lane, I WAS FREE!

Resting in God = faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for.

When we walk in faith, we are making moves as if what we hoped (yes, past tense) for is already done. The how it gets done is God's lane. We don't have to worry about that. Ever.


Rest in his love for you.

Rest in his abilities.

Rest in his willingness.

He's got us.

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