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How I began breaking cycles of failure in my life

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

“Cycles of failure began to break when I started investing money into my personal development.” - YeVette Derene

Hey Glitter Friend.

I want you to win. And because I want you to win, I will always give you the real.

And the real is stated in the quote above.

There are many ways to invest in yourself.

You can invest time, energy, emotions, etc... but for ME... the switch on the inside happened when I released my first $1000 into my personal development. 

How you grow personally will directly impact how well (or poorly) you lead. Whether you are president of a company or your family's house manager (aka mom, lol)... you must invest time and money into your PERSONAL development. 

In my 20’s I had an insatiable hunger to grow. I felt it almost everyday as I sat in my cubical. I'd shift around in my seat, feeling trapped by the confinements of the 9 to 5. At one point I blamed the job. I quickly realized it was way beyond that. I soon discovered a trigger that caused these feelings was not seeing progression. The lack of measurable growth in my life (or whatever I am involved in) makes me irritated, angry or depressed... depending on how much authority I have to change that particular situation. 

This discovery prompted me to seek help outside of the people around me. I knew no one in my immediate reach could help because everyone around seemed either blown away at my desires in life, or thought I was too "wild" in the thinking. Because most acted content with life as normal, I had no one to glean from for inspiration. 

(Insert Podcasts)

When I discovered podcasts, the heavens opened above meeeeee!!!!

I began to listen to successful people daily. Every time I popped my headphones in I was inspired and encouraged! It was a godsend. My flame was fanned and I quickly discovered I wasn’t alone! There were tons of weirdos like me in the world who wanted to live a life that afforded to wake up and not HAVE to be somewhere. I wanted a life filled with choices. Flexibility. Podcasts proved to me that my dream was actually many people's reality.

I spent years dreaming and listening to countless stories. Each day I was inspired and encouraged. It was getting my self pumped up and "happy" for the day, but those podcasts only took me so far.

Let me put it in another term: FREE could only take me so far.

Don't get me wrong. I got GREAT information. It helped stretch my mind to greater possibility. But guess what... the major cycles of failure in my life kept spinning while I was getting fat off information.

I realized I had to make a move. I had to do something different. And I did JUST THAT.

And guess what? Major cycles of failure began to break.

I made a power move of releasing money into my own expansion. And years later I broke more cycles by placing my physical body in the room with others who were successful and/or wanted to be successful. 

( be continued)

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