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God is Love.

Often times love is watered down to a mere feeling, but I think we all know love is so much more.


Love is rising up and serving when it seems undeserved. Love is respecting God in others. Love is the willingness to be inconvenienced in order to assist in making someone else's load lighter. Love is sharing information that will empower the next woman. Love is splitting your favorite sandwich with a co-worker who is really hungry. Love is putting your phone down to listen to your child's reeeeeeeeeally long story that is not interesting, but means the world to her/him.

Love is hydrating yourself.

Love is doing the work behind closed doors in order to serve the masses from a place of soundness and honesty.

Love is resting.

Love is pressing into God's presence.

Love is self-discipline.

Love is a commandment.

Love is laying down a life for a friend. (Thank you Jesus.)

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